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12 Dive Bars Across America to Help Get You Through Winter

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Let's be real, who doesn't love a good dive bar? These gritty, dive-y establishments are the perfect place to grab a cheap drink, let loose and get us through winter. With countless dive bars across America, it can be hard to know where to start. Well, have no fear, because we've searched high and low in our showroom markets and did the dirty work for you. Here are some of our favorite dive bars America has to offer.

Shantytown Bar & Grill

Bloomington, Minnesota

This dive bar is the cities best kept "little secret". 

The burgers are to die for, the drinks are cheap, and the staff will make you feel like a regular, even if 

it's your first time. 

Image from ​​Yelp

The Vegas Lounge

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Warning!!! Coldest beer in town; or so they say. This Minneapolis institution serves up not only cold beer, but some seriously good karaoke 7 days a week! 

Beware this one's cash only, but for some reason this inconvenience seems to add to the charm. Be sure to say hi to Dawn for us!

​​Vegas Lounge

Old Town Ale House

Chicago, Illinois

 A perfect blend of charmingly outdated and charmingly charming. The walls are adorned with murals of old time customers from the 1950s, who probably still have a tab open. This old school dive is one of the last of its kind on the North side. 

Image from Yelp​​

Empty Bottle

Chicago, Illinois

Back in 92', you could get a beer, play pool, and pick some tracks on the jukebox, all for less than $2.

Fast forward to today, with a historically cheap beer list and three nights of live shows, this is has continued to be beloved establishment among 

locals and tourists alike.

Image from Yelp​​

Sit-N-Bull Saloon

Indian Hills, Colorado

Allow us to introduce you to the dive bar of your dreams: Sit-N-Bull Saloon. This isn't your grandma's Wild West saloon; but it is the perfect place to get your dive-bar fix. The bartenders here are quick with a joke and even quicker with a drink.  Although the drinks may not be fancy — they're cheap and they'll get the job done. 


Bob & Barbara's

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Bob Porter and Barbara Carter have been serving Philadelphians since 1969. Famous for 

being the originators of the often imitated, never duplicated, "Citywide Special", a can of 

Pabst Blue Ribbon and Jim Beam shot for $4. 

If you're lucky enough to drop by on a Thursday night, you'll experience the best drag show in the city!

Image from Yelp​​

Green Dot Stables

Detroit, Michigan

With over 5,000 google reviews and a 4.5 star rating, you don't need us to tell you how good this spot is. 

Our tip: go hungry. Your mouth will be watering as you read through the long list of slider options. And trust us, there is no possible way to choose just one!

Green Dot Stables​​

Pattie's First Avenue Lounge

Scottsdale, Arizona

This classic old school Irish bar is a money-lover's paradise. Word on the street is there's over $5,000 lining the walls of this place, which 

bartenders jokingly call the bar’s 401K plan. Don't forget to bring a dollar, they'll gladly give 

you a marker and tape so you can make 

your contribution. 

Image from Yelp​​

The Tune Inn

Washington, DC

Arguably one of the most historic bars in DC, 

this spot has been pouring drinks since 1947. A good ole neighborhood bar to pop into for your favorite brew, greasy food, and good company.

Important to note, Guy Fieri featured the Tune Inn’s “Deep-Fried Burger” on his TV show and you'd be a fool to not try. 

Image via Brews & Clue​​s


Austin, Texas

Maybe not a dive, but this gorgeous rustic-chic watering hole has the most delightful handcrafted drinks you'll ever taste. 

Don't leave without heading upstair 

to check out their mezcal bar -- also, if you know a good dive in this town, we're all ears!


Jerry's Bait Shop

Lenexa, Kansas

Not to state of the obvious, but Jerry's isn't 

actually a bait shop. Locals like to say it's the best spot in all of Kansas to listen to live cover bands. Also, they weren't lying when they said you'd actually go to war for their burger. They're good, real good. 

Jerry's Bait Shop​​

Rudy's Bar & Grill

Manhattan, New York

Rudy’s got one of New York’s first liquor licenses when prohibition ended in 1933. For nearly a century, patrons have bellied up to the charming, original mahogany bar the Rudy family acquired for a mere $300 at the Bowery. The drinks are cheap and the hot dogs are free–Yes, free!  Even renowned chef Anthony Bourdain has stopped in to eat a few.

Rudy's Bar & ​​Grill

Dive bars are not just a place to drink, they're a state of mind. These are just a few of our favorites in America, but if you don't have any travel plans soon or live in one of these towns, know there's always a great dive just a stone throw away.  

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