3 Tips: How to Transition Your Indoor Designs to Outdoor

3 Tips: How to Transition Your Indoor Designs to Outdoor

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It is nice when all your decorations come together to create a home. Your personal style and creativity come out in how you choose to decorate. It can be hard to tie in your outdoor furniture with your indoor pieces, especially when outdoor furniture is so incredibly limited within a great quality and price range. Here are some tips for a seamless indoor to outdoor living space.

1. Simple Quality

When hunting for outdoor furniture, never compromise on quality. It does not matter how perfectly that trendy sofa matches with your indoor set, if it’s poor quality, it will look terrible before the year is over. While reasonable options are limited, go with simple and transitional style pieces. Not only is it easier to pair accent pillows and blankets to your indoor style, it is easy to change it up in the future.

2. Compliment vs. Match

Find accent pillows and colors that compliment, rather than exactly match what you have indoors. This will keep your entire living space fresh and fun.


3. Don’t Clash Styles

By all means, do not shy away from mixing patterns and textures; but when it comes to style, be a little weary of clashing concepts. If you indoor space has a contemporary feel, keep that line going outside with boxier frames or more interesting wickers.

If everything inside is traditional, carry that tone with more curved traditional sets outdoors as well. This will create the feeling that your home flows outside, rather than feeling like you stepped into the neighbors patio.


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I live in Westchester New York weather can be fierce and I have nowhere to store outdoor furniture😕do you have any furniture that I can keep outdoors all year round.


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