Styling your Outdoor Furniture

Styling your Outdoor Furniture

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Each of our collections features neutral cushion colors and should be accessorized to give your new outdoor space the perfect pop of color!  We always encourage our customers to get creative in styling their outdoor patio furniture, but we know that recommendations can be helpful.

Our design team has created five curated collections for inspiration:  Calm Tones, Colorful, Earth Tones, Nautical and Neutrals.

If you have any design-related questions, we encourage you to leverage our Free Design Consultation to get an expert opinion.

Here are a few tips from our design team to make your backyard look incredible!

Tie in your color palette: 

We love tying everything together with a great outdoor rug to make our space feel cohesive. Don’t feel the need to match colors perfectly, but we do like patterns and colors to be complementary.

Work with odd numbers:

Unless you have a formal outdoor space, we tend to work with odd numbers. The reason for this is the human brain is drawn to odd numbers. With sofas or loveseats, we would recommend placing two pillows on one side, and one pillow on the other. With larger sectionals, we tend to place three pillows in the corner and two or three pillows on either side.

Mix and match patterns and solids:

We love using bright colors in our outdoor space.  Our favorite pillow this year is Token Surfside, which pairs perfectly with our Echo Sangria and Dupione Galaxy pillows.

With that said, we love mixing in the Solana Seagull and the Dupione Paradise to give our patio furniture a beachy and colorful look.

Oversized accessories: 

When trying to accessorize the great outdoors we find it helpful to find a few favorite oversized items. Large planters, lanterns, vases, trays, blankets and pillows can really help a space feel simple and cozy. 


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